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Aloe Vera Mist: The Best Way to Deal with Peeling "Beached" Skin

Aloe Vera Mist: The Best Way to Deal with Peeling "Beached" Skin


Beach days and outdoor activities are two key ingredients for an amazing summer. Unfortunately, there’s also the risk of sunburn and, even worse, the dreaded skin peeling! If you're blaming the sunscreen for not doing it’s job, you’re still at fault but that’s beside the point. We can talk more about that later. 

There is NOTHING more disappointing than hopping out of the shower expecting that radiant sun kissed glow and staring back at a pink lizard shedding off it’s outer layer.  

You need to keep a BESTIE by your side to get you through it: an ALOE VERA based MIST.  I say based because it's also infused with coconut and jojoba oil.  Yes, you no longer have to rub your body with gel or cream that actually feels like sandpaper against burnt skin.  

Aloe Vera Mist Before Your Skin Starts Peeling

When you get a sunburn, you need to deal with it immediately. Have a cool shower, use a cool and wet compress, and then apply aloe vera mist liberally to the “sun kissed” aka burnt danger zones. This should help put out the fire and start to reduce the redness.

Then keep reapplying several times, even once an hour.

Remember, skin peeling usually occurs a few days after the sunburn takes place and it can be annoying AF. From just a little flaking to blistered bubbles that peel off in sheets, it’s unattractive, messy and itchy.  Again, you should NOT be harming your skin like this in the first place and if you saw the stats on burning your skin and cancer, you would NEVER do it again! 

Applying aloe vera immediately after getting burnt may reduce the amount of peeling that follows or even help prevent it from happening at all. A lot depends on how severe the sunburn is, how intense the UV rays are, your skin type and how soon after being burnt you apply the aloe vera mist.

A good tip is to always bring aloe vera mist when you go on beach trips or out in the sun. It’s better to be prepared with this refreshing gem, so the chances of peeling will be less.

Aloe Vera: Natural Care for Peeling Skin

Ok, so what if you are already a peeling mess? 

Cleanse the area very gently with a super light cleanser and cool water. This should remove skin debris and mean little bacteria.  Luckily, Aloe Vera contains natural anti-septic properties too so you are in good hands. 

Generously mist the affected areas with Aloe Vera Mist and let absorb.  This is when it’s ok to walk around naked and enjoy the cooling effect. If you really want to experience the bonus round, keep the mist in the fridge for awhile first. 

Re-apply regularly.  Cleansing can be done a few times a day but not too often that it might strip your skin harshly.

Use no cosmetics or chemical substances on the affected skin. If you do, you’ll add more irritation or maybe block the pores.

Drink lots of water.

Proper Care to Avoid Peeling Skin

Preventive care is very important for avoiding peeling altogether.

ALWAYS apply SPF about half an hour before you go in the sun and reapply every two hours or immediately after sweating or getting wet.

All year long, stay hydrated and moisturized with products containing natural vitamins, antioxidants, emollients and amino acids that your skin cells become thirsty for.

The Aloe Vera is the key natural organic ingredient and it's absolutely no coincidence that spikey little green plant has been referred to as "The Miracle Plant" for thousands of years. 

For more information on where to find the perfect Aloe Vera Mist, visit Amazon Prime and your thirsty skin will thank us later! ;)






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