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Aloe Vera Acts as the First Point of Rehydration & Acne Fighting After a Killer Sweat Session!

Hydrating Acne Treatment Post Workout Fitness Aloe Vera Facial Mist
While getting in our workouts is certainly a must, it’s crucial that we take the time to prep and nourish our skin directly after sweating.
Unfortunately, that post-workout “glow” isn't as easy to achieve as one would like.  Oftentimes, we’re so drained from our sweat session that we get home only to lounge around in our sweaty clothing and sweaty faces and we end up with red irritated skin that is lathered in bacteria. This is what causes breakouts and blackheads. If this sounds familiar to you, here’s some advice: Stop!
That being said, this is just the first step to clear, glowing skin. We’ve noticed it’s actually our post-workout skincare routine that makes the biggest impact and the use of facial mists is especially handy to use post-workout for a dose of moisture without the hassle.
Our pick, ALOA's Aloe Vera Mist, is targeted to deliver a cooling boost of hydration while acting as an astringent, fighting back against pimples and reducing pore size.
You can even use facial mists as part of your skincare regimen (day or night) to balance pH levels and prep it for lotions, as a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the workday, or to give your makeup a dewy glow.
So heres' the deal.  Spritz your face and take off your drenched gym clothes directly after your workout to prevent clogged pores on your face and body.
For more information, Visit or Amazon Prime and search "ALOA Skincare Aloe Vera Mist". 

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